Organizing an event

There are many options at Edel Events. In summary, this is how it works: we can organize an event together, you can let us organize an event for you, or you can organize it yourself and we’ll help you with the facilities.

Organizing an event

A meeting, a creative seminar, a spectacular company party or a social event? We can host anything here.

Organizing an event

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Laten organiseren

Wil je iets organiseren maar heb je geen idee waar je moet beginnen en heb je bovendien weinig tijd voor de begeleiding?

Samen Organiseren

Wil je iets organiseren en zoek je een creatief team dat samen met jou je evenement tot een onvergetelijke gebeurtenis maakt?

Zelf Organiseren

Wil je iets organiseren en heb je een uitgedacht plan maar zoek je een adembenemende locatie, extra creativiteit en de beste faciliteiten?

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Here’s a handy overview of all the things Edel Events can do for you:

Facilities EDEL Events

Catering is the cornerstone of an event. To provide the best food and drinks, we have our own in-house catering service: Catering Edel Spijs. Together with our Food Director, you can develop a tailor-made food and drinks concept that perfectly fits the event. It’s also possible to use Catering Edel Spijs separately, as an addition to an existing event.

During an event it’s important that the visitors can enjoy themselves without any concerns. A security plan can be a meaningful addition. Edel Events works with an official registered and acknowledged security company. From hospitality to secure supervision, we can cater to any wishes.

All rooms in Het Sieraad are all equipped with a basic set of audiovisual facilities. They know how to produce on all levels and can start thinking about concepts with us from the start.

The decor and styling can define your event. We are always ready to give advice on your theme or style and we have connections with several rental companies to make it happen. Looking for something that doesn’t exist? It’s always possible to ask our creative team to make something original. That way every decoration is unique and we will make sure the styling of your event is done to perfection.

It’s always nice to re-live an event. Thanks to our video recording- and photography team, you can always look back at your event. A long lasting memory! Edel Events can help you record your event.

It’s possible to park near the building and on the quays of the Kostverlorenvaart. This costs 2.40 Euros an hour. The nearest parking facility is located at 800 meters of Het Sieraad:
Parkeergarage De Hallen
1053 WC Amsterdam
Parking here, costs 3 Euros an hour, or 27 Euros for a day. Debit cards are accepted.

For more information about parking and parking facilities in Amsterdam:

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