Edel Events organizes, facilitates and creates events that connect people. We add surprising performances and elements to all our productions to allow our guests to connect with each other.

We develop our own concepts, such as EdelWise and Essen. But just as often, we work together with clients. Co-creating is important; it means events will always match the client’s DNA perfectly.

It is also possible to use our facilities separately. You can rent space for your own events, hire catering, or let us create a concept for your event. Interested in working together or learning more about the possibilities?



Event organiseren

Met Edel Events kan er heel veel. Wil je samen iets organiseren met ons? Je leest er hier alles over.

Ruimte huren in het Sieraad

In Het Sieraad zijn diverse ruimtes te huur voor alle soorten evenementen. Lees hier meer over.